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Industrial Glue Spreaders and Hot Melt Glue Application Systems from Walco and OMMA-Innovators since 1949

Walco, Inc. manufactures OMMA designed roll coating systems for glue and hot melt adhesive coating. At the heart of innovation, and now built by Walco for the Americas, Asia and Australian markets, OMMA has been serving European markets since 1965, Walco since 1949. As partners in the Chargeurs group, Walco and OMMA are combining resources to produce OMMA’s very effective industrial adhesive coaters.

Custom tailoring is our speciality. Each unit is designed and manufactured to to our client's actual operational and safety requirements.Through back and forth exchanges, a full system requirement is generated, allowing client teams to fully review prior to fabrication –No surprises on delivery.

All Walco built OMMA glue coating machines can be equipped:

  • High level of safety – helping to protect your workers.
  • Automatic adhesive feeding (dosing) system
  • Automatic roll cleaning
  • Powered infeed and outfeed conveying
  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • Automatic lamination immediately downstream of the coating system
  • Automatic nip gap and metering controls via HMI / Servo
  • Thickness servo-positioning
  • Automatic line extraction
  • Remote servicing
  • Roll out cart, for off-line cleaning
  • Casters for mobility

and many, many additional key features

OMMA glue application systems apply a wide range of water-dispersion glues such as vinyl PVA, EVA Polyurethane PU, Copolymer, phenolic and urea precisely and uniformly.

Adhesive coaters / Glue Spreaders for Automotive Industry Applications

OMMA’s roll coating systems for automotive and recreational vehicles allow you to quickly and economically glue components such as headliners, door panels, shelves, floors, and walls. Laminators downstream of the coating equipment can also be provided.

Adhesive coaters / Wood Glue Spreaders

OMMA wood glue / adhesive spreaders (and coater / laminators) for gluing finishing components such as veneer, laminate (HPL), decorative papers, decorative plastic materials, metallic finishes, or solid wood products.

Whatever your application or production level Walco will build an OMMA glue or hot melt adhesive spreader to meet your requirements:

Two Roller, Entry Level Glue Spreader for Water Based Adhesives – Model FSC

FSC model is the entry-level of OMMA’s water-based glue spreaders range: used for simple assembly bonding work it’s normally found in small production areas and where the highest application precision is not required.

Solid and sturdy with two rubber covered rolls and grooved spreading rolls, the FSC is available in 50” and 63 “(1.300 and 1.600mm) widths. Custom widths are optional.

FSCEntry Level Glue Spreader

OMMA glue spreader

Four Roller, Two Motor Glue Spreader for Water Based Adhesives – Model GS

A Glue spreader with four rollers and two motors, Walco built OMMA’s GS model is designed to achieve superior quality for water base gluing operations.

With the GS the proper amount of glue applied is ensured by dosing rollers that work close to the spreading rollers with different speeds to allow a constant uniformity of application. Dosing rollers are rubber coated and spreading rollers come with standard grooving and can be modified according to customer requirements.

The GS is produced in standard widths of 50” and 67” (1.400 and 1.700 mm).

GSFour Roller Two Motor Glue Spreader

adhesive roll coating system

Four Roller, Four Motor Glue Spreader for Water Based Adhesives – Model Open

OMMA’s OPEN model represents the “state of the art” of glue spreaders for water based adhesives.

An independent motor is installed on each roller to grant a perfect spreading quality, greater application precision, and vibration free application with an extremely solid and sturdy structure.

As with all OMMA coating systems, safety is the priority. For example: the distance between all rollers during cleaning is a minimum of 3” (80mm) for a safe operation. Wired hand controls allow step rollers rotation.

OPEN Glue Spreaders

water base glue spreader

Hot Melt Roll Coater – Model HGS

If you have Hot Melt adhesive applications, OMMA’s model HGS is the solution developed specifically for Hot Melt applications.

Its three or four rollers allow spreading on single side (top or bottom) or the double side of flat surfaces.

All the rolls are independently heated and motorized. HG’s spreading rollers can be rubber or steel; dosing (metering) rollers are steel chrome plated.

Rollers are internally heated with thermo-oil and temperature can be individually adjusted and controlled. A pneumatic system holds Teflon plates in touch with roller’s end sides to guarantee a confinement of the glue; sealing plates can be easily extracted and cleaned.

The HGS comes equipped with additional, standard security protection, hoods for connection to the air aspiration system, motorized thickness control and electronic variable speed.

Hot Melt Roll Coaters

hot melt roll coater

Hot-Melt Reverse Roller Coater – Model HGS-RC

Designed to achieve the best spreading quality, Walco built OMMA HGS-RC is employed when applications of very thin Hi-Gloss or Super-Mat decorative materials on top sides of flat panels are required.

With the following main features HGS-RC is the best hot-melt coater for this application:

  • Independent motors
  • Independent roller heating 
  • Motorized thickness adjustment
  • Driven transport rollers with anti-adhesive coating
  • Additional glue finishing section 
  • Electronic speed adjustment on each roller and on transport rollers

The HGS-RC has a standard width of 50” (1.400mm); customized widths are available upon request.

Hot Melt Reverse Roller Coater

hot melt reverse roll coater

High Precision Polyurethane Adhesive Coating Machine – Model ACU-PUR

When applying liquid polyurethanes adhesives and polyols the ACU-PUR is the highest precision roller coater.

CNC operated starting from stabilized steel plates, motorization is individual from each roller. Speed adjustment is independent based on application and dosing rollers.

Unique to the ACU-PUR is the linear opening of dosing rollers up to 3” (80 mm) and an opening gap between application rollers of 6” (150 mm) for the safest operation during daily cleaning.

Rollers are heavy duty construction with mirror finishing and individual quality certification; these precision roll coaters are designed to work continuously 24/7 on strategic markets such as aeronautic, automotive, electronics and more.

ACU PUR Adhesive Coating Machine

polyurethane adhesive coater

HCU Glue Heating Conditioning Unit

Using the HCU makes it possible for specific polyurethane glues to provide a warm-up conditioning, allowing stable viscosity and excellent application.

HCU’s Process advantages:

  • Glue viscosity remains constant
  • Adhesive replacement is not necessary during season temperature changes
  • Foaming effect is reduced
  • Glue is kept heating: dosing rollers (ideally with steel dosing rollers).
  • HCU heating unit is electrically fed and is complete with temperature control, circulation pump and inox expansion tank and can be interfaced with the main control of the glue spreader.
  • HCU is available in different capacities to accommodate specific tasks.

OMMA’s glue spreaders have the highest customer satisfaction. As partners in the Chargeurs Group, Walco and OMMA continue to serve the worldwide market.

Glue Heat Conditioning Unit

Contact Walco today for details on how OMMA’s industrial glue spreaders and hot melt glue applicator machines can be put to work in your environment.

glue spreading equipment 

glue heat conditioning unit