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About WALCO, Inc.

Walco History:

The Wallace Company (aka “Walco”) started in 1949 and is still based in Southern California with ownership changing just three times since its founding. Today Walco, Inc. continues the 70+ years tradition of designing and fabricating simple, safe, and robust automated laminating, coating and converting machines and systems.

Walco Design Philosophy and Process:

Walco builds all machines to meet your exact production, operational and safety requirements. No two machines are alike: each is designed to our client's actual operational and safety requirements.

  • Walco's design process determines your exact requirements, and then a detailed written proposal is presented to meet–actually exceed–your operational, production and safety goals. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, communication is key, ensuring no surprises at delivery.
  • Walco's 20+ standard laminators, coaters and converters have hundreds of different modules available. This allows you to have the machine or system customization Walco is world renown for.
  • An informational web path sketch may be provided prior to ordering, allowing you to keep your costs down.
  • Once a purchase order and deposit is received, formal dimensional drawings can be supplied.

Each employee at Walco, Inc. understands that ensuring the safety of our employees and customers is the most important part of every task they do. Please review the detailed safety features for each laminator, coater, or applicator we build.

Walco, Inc. Warranty:

Walco guarantees whether your choices include Walco Machines laminating machines, applicating or coating systems each will do exactly what we have agreed (in writing) it will do prior to ever leaving our facility. Parts and labor are guaranteed for a full year.

Walco MachinesTesting:

Each laminating, coating, and converting system or machine is fully tested with your own materials, ensuring all is working as agreed before it leaves our factory. Startups are virtually a non-event with Walco, Inc., making the work at your end very simple.

Walco, Inc. Summary:

  • Walco has been designing and building robust laminating, coating and converting systems since 1949 – that’s 70+ years!
  • All Walco’s are “Made in the USA”.
  • Over 10,600+ machines have been shipped to over 60+ countries
  • Ease of operation, and a decade’s old reputation for safety and quality go into every Walco system built.

Contact Walco or Request a Quote today. We guarantee your Walco machine or system will be the best capital equipment investment you’ve ever made.

Walco, Inc. - Builders of Robust Laminators, Coaters, Applicators and Converters – since 1949