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Model 830 Industrial Inline Applicator /Laminator

The Walco 830 industrial applicator/laminators are specifically fabricated to fit your existing–or new–line’s requirements. Built to order and designed to work in sync with your system, each 830 Protective Film Applicator/Laminator is manufactured to match your line's height, width, depth and speed. The Walco 830 series of industrial inline protective or permanent film laminators or applicators apply pressure sensitive (PSA) tapes or films to a wide variety of coil or web stocks including:

  • Steel
  • Plastics
  • Extrusions
  • Flexible webs
  • Woven webs
  • Non-woven webs

as well as any other continuous line substrates or webs.

Walco 830 inline applicator/ laminators are designed by combining Walco’s standard 830 head assembly with any of 300+ upgrade modules, meeting your unique production, operational and safety requirements.

Walco systems and machines are built-to-order, ranging from simple to complex: depending upon your unique production, safety and operational requirements. From the initial RFQ and then order, our design and engineering teams work with you to ensure that the unit delivered is tailored specifically for you.

For over 60 years Walco has been delivering built-to-order applicator/laminator systems that stand the test of time. Your sucess is our sucess.

As shown: Walco’s 830 Inline protective film laminator, top and bottom simultaneous inline laminating, with top and bottom:

  • Heaters
  • Automatic edge guiding
  • Inline slitting
  • Vacuum trim removal system

Each unit has single point nip gap adjustability and safety air cylinders. For operator safety and ease of use, touch screen electrical controls for:

  • Heater
  • Heater safety motor
  • Air cylinders
  • Automatic edge guiding

are engineered into each Model 830 Inline Applicator / Laminator.

Inline Applicator Laminator

As shown: Walco’s 830 inline laminator, with:

  • Standard lateral film adjustment
  • Single point nip gap adjustability
  • Air brake
  • Frame stand deleted (customer builds their own)

As you can see, Walco’s Model 830 is the perfect solution for whatever your industrial inline lamination needs require.

Contact Walco or Request a Quote today: Walco will work hand-in-hand with your team to design a system that maximizes your production capabilities.

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