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Laminators, Coaters, Applicators and Web Converting Equipment

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WALCO Industrial Applicators

Since 1949, Walco, Inc. has been the Industry Standard for Industrial Squeeze Roll Applicators, Industrial Coaters, Industrial Applicators, and Web converting machines.

Walco’s industrial automated overlay applicators are versatile, durable and may be customized to fit any sizing configuration and renowned for their ability to handle a full range of laminates, foils, films, apers, adhesives and substrates, Experienced sign makers rely on reflective sheeting applicator equipment from Walco,.

Walco Industrial Applicators are perfect for those who require:

  • Board coating
  • Web coating
  • Heavy fabric–or light papers
  • High or low temperature coating
  • Wet coats–or dry heat
  • Foam Roll Coaters
  • Lots of pressure–or only a little

Walco Machines Applicators are User Friendly by Design

Walco industrial applicators are "made-to-order" variations on Walco’s basic, robust design. For decades the design of Walco’s rollerapplicator equipment has emphasized ease of use, long-life and flexibility.

Through back nforth exchanges, a full system requirement is generated, allowing customer teams to fully review prior to fabrication–no surprises on delivery. In addition,Walco customers appreciate the ability to quickly retrofit existing equipment to improve capabilities with new adhesives, coatings and technology. Options may be added as needed, allowing decades of reliable, trouble-free operation.

With All Walco machines Safety is First. Many standard safety features are included on every Walco machine.

Comprehensive Features in Every Extrusion Applicator

Standard features in Walco's industrial and reflective sheeting applicators include:

  • Digital nip setting indicators
  • Lateral adjustment of sheeting to match the sign blank
  • Unique single point adjustable for substratess
  • Lower unwind dual sided applications.
  • Powered rewinds for release film carriers.
  • Air brakes for easy tension control of sheeting.

The Only Automated Overlay Applicator System with Your Needs Built-in
One reason over 10,000 Walco machines are in use in 59 countries is industrial squeeze roll applicators from Walco are customizable for any sizing or product configuration. This allows customers to receive a complete, fully automated production line designed from scratch, and/or incorporate legacy applicator systems to function seamlessly as one.

Each of Walco's applicators:

  • Effortlessly handles all sizes and shapes of substrates & sign blanks
  • Easily applies to barricade extrusions with fast setup and minor adjustments
  • Seamlessly adds an optional Edge Wrapping Module
  • Successfully operates in any extreme environment

Walco's Industrial Applicators’ product line includes:

Automated Overlay Applicators

Designed for sheet fed operation, Walco Automated Overlay Applicators offer a full range of widths and accessories. This flexibility allows users to laminate or apply virtually any overlay material to any flat sheet substrates–with minimal set-up time.

Squeeze Roll Applicators/Reflective Sheeting Applicators

The unique needs of the modern sign shop require the ability to laminate all grades of reflective sheeting to a variety of flat and extrudedsubstrates. Walco squeeze roll applicators are versatile enough to laminate any combination with accuracy and a minimum of rejects.

Film to Glass Applicators

Designed to fit seamlessly into your existing glass line, or as a stand-alone unit, Walco’s In-Line Glass Protective Film Applicator, is the glass-industry applicator standard. Walco’s Glass Protective Film Applicators can be fully integrated into your PLC/System computer, or delivered fully automated with their own HMI interface: programmed and ready to go.

In-Line Overlay Applicators

"In-Line Protective Film Applicator is flexible enough to fit into any existing line application and designed to work seamlessly with your PLC / Line Control computer, or as a stand-alone applicator.Walco’s In-Line Protective Film Applicator is flexible enough to fit into any existing line application and designed to work seamlessly with your PLC / Line Control computer, or as a stand-alone applicator.

Extrusion/Barricade Applicators

Walco’s highly versatile Extrusion/Barricade Applicators laminate each extrusion or barricade to a variety of substrates accurately and with minimal rejects. Walco’s 822SRA Squeeze Roll Applicator / Laminator machines give users the option to laminate reflective sheeting to both extrusions and barricades. Model 823 is designed specifically to laminate only extruded channels and barricades.

Web Convertor/ApplicatorWalco’s model 813 takes various flexible materials and combines them into one layered web. Some examples include mattress material glued to a backing, aluminum foil layered with paper/another layer of aluminum foil, or leather layered with a cloth backing. With the 813, two, three, or four soft materials are unwound, layered, and glued together to form a single flexible material, then rolled back up for additional processing. Contact Walco for detailed specifications for Model 813.

When you chose a web converting machine from Walco you are guaranteed the highest standard of excellence. Send us an RFQ for your specific system requirements– we promise to respond within one business day.

Walco, Inc. provides strong global onsite installation, troubleshooting and after sales support for its equipment. For the best, longest-lasting industrial overlay applicators, Contact Walco, Inc. today.

Walco, Inc. - Builders of Robust Laminators, Coaters, Applicators and Converters – Made in the United States since 1949

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