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Industrial Wood Products Coaters, Industrial Wood Laminators

Walco 756/765 Medium Duty & 766 Heavy Duty Industrial Coater/Laminators for Wood, MDF, Particle Board, Gypsum, Hard Board, Steel Panels, and Other Substrates

Companies who:

  • Apply PVA, EVA or other adhesives to vinyl
  • Apply PVA, EVA or other adhesives to paper
  • Apply PVA, EVA or other adhesives to fabrics, foils, and other webs

and then immediately laminate them to MDF, wood, particle board, gypsum, hard board, steel panels and other flat substrates, have long recognized Walco’s 7 Series Coater/Laminators as the superior choice.

These American made compact, simple and economical web coater/laminators easily coat adhesive onto a vinyl or paper web, pre-dry the adhesive and then laminate it onto panels of various substrates, including gypsum board, particleboard, fiberboard, and plywood.

Walco's 756 (4 ft.) and 765 (5 ft.) Coater/ Laminator series are ideally suited for low to medium volume, intermittent operation, top web coating and laminating. Walco's 766 Coating and Laminating System is the "big brother" to Walco's 765/766 series, ideally suited for large volume, day-in, day-out operations. Top, bottom or both web coating and laminating simultaneous operations. The 766 Coater/Laminator allows you to quickly process large panels with ease.

As with the entire Walco product line, all Applicators, Coaters, and Laminators are manufactured in America and tailored to each client's specific operational and safety requirements. No two units are the same but all include Walco's legendary safety and reliability. Our engineering and team is in contact with your team from start to finish-ensuring no surprises and a unit built specifically for you.

Heavy Duty Industrial Coater

Walco's 766 Coating and Laminating System

The "big brother" to the 765/766 series, Walco’s Heavy Duty 766 is the perfect industrial Coater/Lamination System for large volume, day-in, day-out operations. The drawing below illustrates the complete 766 Coater/Lamination System with all the elements. Large panel processing is easy with Walco’s 766 Coater/Laminator.

Overview of Walco 766 Industrial Coater Laminator

How do Walco's 756 (4 ft.) and 765 (5 ft.) Coater/ Laminators work?

A roll of vinyl is mounted on the unwind shaft and threaded through Walco’s coater’s edge trim station. Slitter knives are adjusted to trim the web to the width of the substrate panels. Infrared heaters "relax" the wrinkles in the vinyl before the 756 or 765 coats the film with adhesive. The coated film then passes through the hot oven where moisture is flashed off and the adhesive is brought to a "green tack" sage for laminating to the substrate.*

The vinyl web is threaded through the Walco 756/765, over a bowed roll, and into the first nip roll station. Substrate panels are fed into the nip and the film is applied smoothly to the substrate. A final set of pressure rolls ensures complete lamination of the web and substrate for stacking after cutting the panel apart. An optional rotating brush system is available for wrapping vinyl around the edges and/or the back of gypsum board panels.

*The application applies to industrial coating of water based adhesives. Flashing of glue "volatiles" other than water, require custom ovens and air scrubbing systems.

All American made Walco Industrial Applicators, Coaters and Laminators feature Walco’s legendary safety guards throughout the machine–protecting your operators and your bottom line!

Overview of Walco 756 Industrial Coater Laminator

An Unsurpassed Reputation for Industrial Applicators, Coaters, and Laminators–Engineered With Quality and Reliability
Walco has been designing and building robust laminating,coating,application and web handling machines in the USA since 1949. Over 10,300 machines have been shipped to 60+ countries. To ensure our customer’s satisfaction, ease of operation and a decade's old reputation for safety and quality go into every Walco system

When you chose a web converting machine from Walco you are guaranteed the highest standard of excellence. Send us an RFQ for your specific system requirements– we promise to respond within one business day.

Contact us today and let our web coating and laminating experts support your industrial coater laminator needs.

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