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UV Coating MachinesWhy is Walco, Inc. the leading Industrial Coater machine manufacturer? Because Walco has been building simple, robust laminators, coaters and applicators for more than 61 years and have over 10,000 Walco, Inc. in use in 59 countries. In fact, Walco has more industrial coating systems in operation worldwide than any other coating equipment company.

industrial coating systems deliver decades of reliable, honest service to glass, paper, wood, foam, plastics, leather and cabinet manufacturers, as well as the steel, UV coating and converting industries.

Walco machines easily coat adhesive onto a vinyl or paper web, pre-dry the adhesive and then laminate it onto panels of various substrates, including gypsum board, particleboard, fiberboard, and plywood. Durable, robust and reliable, Walco machines handle a full range of industrial coating needs, including high volume, direct and indirect, and more complex coating applications.

Heavy Duty Industrial Coater

As a top level coating machine manufacturer, Walco excels at developing complete, fully automated production lines, enabling all of a customer’s coating and laminating machinery to work together seamlessly as one unit. Industrial strength coating, UV coating and glass coating equipment and applicators from Walco can be customized to fit any sizing configuration and unique environment. For example, a customer in Dubai selected Walco’s Spandrel Glass Roll Coater for its ability to perform in harsh desert conditions.

Because each unit is tailored for the specific customer requirements, Walco’s Direct, Indirect, Reverse Roll and UV coating machines are superior in their range and product versatility.

Walco Machines:

  • Apply smooth spandrel coatings to architectural glass both economically and consistently
  • Allow users to successfully apply various coating materials to a wide variety of stock
  • Offer options of sheet feeding or roll feeding of both soft and rigid stock
  • Coat precisely measured amounts of any needed coating, including UV sensitive coatings

With all Walco Roll Coater Machines- Safety is first. Many standard safety features are included on every Walco machine.

Walco Roller Coaters Roll Coater Machines Product Line

Walco Machines enable users to coat materials of almost any kind to a wide variety of stock. Precision adjustments allow exact metering of the coating liquid for uniform coating, saving time and money. Both soft and rigid stock can be sheet fed or roll fed. Choose from:

Industrial Coating Machines, Board Coating Systems

Walco builds extra wide coating machines, to accommodate large products. Walco also makes high performance industrial coating machines primarily used in the board coating industries including:

756 Series

The 756 Coater/Laminator is a compact, simple and economical web coater/laminator designed for low-to-medium volume and intermittent operation (max 3,100 panels per shift). It coats adhesive onto vinyl or paper web, pre-dries the adhesive, and then laminates it onto panels of various materials such as gypsum board, particle board and plywood.

766 Series

The 766 Series Walco Coater/Laminator is a large heavy-duty economical Web Coater/Laminator ideally suited for medium-to-heavy volume manufacturing (max 6,000 panels per shift). It is designed to coat PVA adhesives onto decorative vinyl or paper, and some fabrics, laminating them to substrates up to five feet wide and 1.0" thick..

Walco can easily provide an entire turnkey Coating system. Please contact Walco with your board sizes, needed line speeds and covering requirements.

Proven Coaters, Ease of Use

The success of Walco’s roller coating machines in industrial settings stems from the ease of operation that is standard to all our machines. Users of Walco’s equipment work directly with Walco’s industry design team to plan and engineer complete systems. As a result, every industrial laminating, application and coating system is:

  • Designed and manufactured to meet each customer’s specific environment/ coating needs
  • Built with rugged construction for years of economical operation
  • Engineered with simplicity of design and quality craftsmanship
  • Improved by automatically incorporating any updated design features

When you chose Walco as you Manufacturer you are guaranteed the highest standard of excellence. Send us an RFQ for your specific system requirements– we promise to respond within one business day.

Walco, Inc. provides strong global onsite installation, troubleshooting and after sales support. For the best, longest-lasting laminating, application, and industrial coating equipment, Contact Walco, Inc. today.

Walco, Inc. – Builders of Robust Laminators, Coaters, Applicators and Converters – since 1949

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