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Laminating, Coating and/or Converting Design System by Walco

Walco builds all machines to exactly meet your requirements. The design process starts here. With some simple answers, Walco can quickly determine your needs and get you quoted. Walco uses 20+ different "standard" models and 230+ proven upgrade modules, plus decades of laminating, converting and coating history to meet your system requirements

Please include as much detail as possible. This helps us configure the correct system for your application.

Please Note: Walco offers special pricing if two or more units are ordered at the same time. If you, or your other locations require additional units, please be sure to indicate this.

Walco has been designing and building robust laminating, coating and converting systems in the USA, since 1949. Over 10,700+ machines have been shipped to over 65 countries. Ease of operation and a decade's old reputation for safety and quality go into every Walco system built. You will be tickled with Walco, Inc.!

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Attention Engineering and Maintenance Departments if you know what the system requirements are you may fill out the information below. It is not required. If you know what system is needed  and want to provide additional system requirements please skip to the appropiate section,  fill in and click the send button.

Briefly describe what you need to do and indicate if you require more than one system.

When would you like your new system operational?

If your PLC / HMI will be controlling, Walco provides the needed written operating sequence, proximity sensor(s), photo eye(s), automatic tension controls, your selected variable speed control and motor, all terminating in a provided terminal junction control box (NEMA4 rated). You provide the needed PLC, hard & software to control all aspects of the laminator.
If Walco will be providing the PLC / HMI to control, Walco provides ALL needed PLC / HMI / Programming / Hard and software, fully installed and tested.

via servo motor – PLC operation required.

Manual / Auto selector switch gives foot pedal or sensor control of the main drive motor. Sensor “sees” incoming substrate and activates drive motor. Client’s adjustable timer stops the drive motor after lamination.

allowing lights to pass through without being laminated

Heavy duty, 6.0” OD x 2.0” wide, red urethane wheeled casters allow for easy movement across all industrial surfaces. Two (2) swivel, two (2) fixed, with locks.

Heavy duty – Powered: to match width, lengths up to 15 feet. (Flat substrates only)
a. Wheeled – non-marring grey Buna wheels
b. Roller – galvanized, rubber, steel or EPDM rolls
c. Belted – full-width or adjustable ½ - 2.0” wide individual belts
No power - Gravity (no power) style, UHMW non-marring rollers, set at 12.0” centerlines (optional 6.0”).
Edge guides - Fixed edge guide
Multiple fixed pinned location edge guide
Adjustable across the full width roller type edge guide
Thin substrate full width adjustable edge guide for substrates under 3/16 inch.

molecularly “scuffs up” your flat substrate or web for better film or coating adhesion. (Plastic, nylon, acrylics only)

including needed silicone covered top roll, heater on/off switch and temperature control.

External to roll or internal roll

with micro adjustable edge guide (24.0” depth x laminator width. (Flat substrates only)

and lamination capability. (standard is 2.0 inches)

Digital nip pressure displayed on Operator control panel.

UV curing / IR / Hot Air

Reverse direction rotary brushes clean each incoming substrate of dust and debris. The debris is removed by a vacuum removal system into a Walco provided container.

(Inline applications) – allows the entire laminator assembly to be removed from the line by simply releasing position pins and rolling it along the provided hard mounted 12 foot tracks.

Automatically opens the nip gap when any E-Stop is activated.
Includes panel mounted Raise, Lower push buttons, air pressure regulator and gauge. This gives down pressure adjustability up to 15 pounds per linear inch (ppli) without deflection.
If more down pressure is necessary, Walco can supply lager OD nip rollers to hit a maximum of 50 ppli.

full perimeter fencing with safety interlocked access doors.

Surrounding either / or full perimeter or running lengths

Entry and / or exit end – allowing your team to easily unload and/or stack the incoming/outgoing substrates onto a pallet, lowering and lifting to the table height as needed

Allows easy side loading of any substrate onto the gravity style conveyors. 7 foot long x 5 rollers

Operator can adjust the nip gap via one hand wheel, with digital mechanical position gauge.

Includes – both conveyors and system mounted to a 3 x 3 x 1/8” wall steel tubing platform with six (6) HD lockable swivel casters.

Walco standard labor rate for assistance

cleans your flat substrate or flexible web immediately prior to lamination via sticky roll technology – dramatically reducing post lamination dust and debris under the laminate or film.

With AC or DC motor and electronic VFD, 4 - 45 fpm speeds, variable and Includes panel mounted variable speed control pot, On/Off, Forward / Reverse.

shows from a distance that power is on (green), the applicator is in operation (yellow) or an alarm condition has been activated (red).

Laminating / Converting / Application applications only

Additional Unwind Stations, including unwind shaft, cone, plug and split pillow block bearings.

Airbrakes - for precise unwind tension control. Includes panel mounted air pressure regulator, on/off switch and placard.

Air Shafts for quick film replacement

Anti-Static Bar minimizes static charge when release liner is removed from the film. (paper laminates need static bars). Includes power “on” lamp, On/Off switch and flashing monitor lamp.

Automatic Unwind/rewind Tension controls and reporting – closed loop tension controls, with load cell(s), automatically adjusting the needed PLI (pounds per linear inch) within your Operator set parameters.

Automatic Separation Systems – Cut on the fly or stop to cut. Flap or no flap. Cuts between the leading and trailing edge of each board, post-lamination cycle. Additional details on operation and costs can be sent over separately. Types include:
HOT Wire - stop-to- cut or cut-on- the-fly
Dual Razor Knife –stop-to- cut or cut-on- the-fly, no flap (Plastic films only)
Guillotine sheeting (on-the- fly)

Automatic Edge trimming station - rolling air controlled knives pushing against a powered mandrel with vacuum trim removal/collection system.

Automatic Edge Guide system - servo controlled, air actuated unwind station carts are moved by a closed loop edge positioning feedback sensor, automatically aligning each web.

Bottom Unwind Station - for simultaneous top and bottom laminating needs and Includes 40” stubby conveyor if 2+ bottom unwind stations are ordered.

Bottom unwind station rolling cart to ease bottom laminate roll change outs.

Bottom Trolley – To easily change the bottom unwind roll. Just lay the shaft end on top of the trolley and pull it out from under the Walco. Simple!

Bowed Rolls - to help eliminate any possibility of wrinkles (paper laminates need bowed rolls).

Cantilevered Unwind Stations - eases lamination roll replacement

Edge Wrapping - wraps your web 05 - .75” along each running edge automatically

End-of-Film Alert - overhead audible and illuminated low and empty film alerts.

High Pressure Lamination Rolls – High Pressure lamination / nip rolls are substituted for standard rolls, used for permanent lamination films requiring 15 – 50 ppli pressure for application.

Larger than standard 14.0” OD unwind and rewind stations.

Lateral Adjustability - – enabling the Operator to manually adjust the film’s edge placement +/- ¾” while in Operation.

Mechanical Core Locks - for very easy laminate roll change outs.

Rewind station – powered, top, bottom or both - automatically removes release liner or rewinds a web. With air clutch, on/off switch and air pressure regulator with gauge

Rotational Top Unwind stations - carousel - 4 – 5 unwind station capability. 14.0” max. film OD.

Segmented / Differential Rewind shaft – automatically provides the needed rewind tensions to multiple width cores on the same rewind shaft. Eliminates the need for dual powered rewind stations when slitting.

Silicone Lamination Rolls - used to help keep aggressive films from sticking to the rolls

Slitting module - powered - Rolling crush cut pneumatically controlled knives slit against a hardened steel, powered anvil roll. Minimum width is 5/8”.

Slitting - On-roll - Weighted knife cuts film, leaving scrap film on the core

Spare top and bottom unwind shafts - with Walco plug and cone, plus alignment collars

Coating applications only

Anti-Wrap air manifold - (Coater) - continuous or timed / pulsed air. For thin substrates.

Automatic coating level control - (Coater) - including removable UHMW end dams, pump and air control valves.

Air Knife - Incoming – adjustable height air knife – blowing air across entire width of incoming lite.

Dual head, inline roll coaters - for multiple coating applications

End Dams with coating return - keeps the coating material recycling back to its original container.

Grooved Coating rolls - for thicker coating requirements.

Heated top silicone roll – (Coater - external) - - heater controls and ceramic or IR style heaters

Pull-Away for web coating

Scrapper blade – (Coater) - for continuous cleaning of bottom drive roll: includes adjustment handles.

Special crotch roll opening – (Coater) - up to 6.0 inches.

Stainless Steel auxiliary feed tanks – (Coater) - 5 gallons (19 liters), with either single valve fill or double valve fill.

Upper Acrylic Guards - helping to seal off the crotch area – helping to keep it dust free.

UHMW end dams – removable, adjustable? – (Coater) - (standard end dams are aluminum discs).

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