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An Industry First: Walco’s Glass Laminator for Protective Film Application on IGU’s

Walco, Inc. joined with Novacel in 2017 to become the first global engineering company dedicated to laminators for precision application of protective films. Today Walco is proud to announce our latest offering–a protective film laminator custom designed exclusively for Insulated Glass Units. A fully automated vertical laminator, Walco’s VX2 uses patented technologies to apply films to IGU’s for protection during construction installation, as well as for applications on flat glass and mirrors.

Glass protection film can be applied either by glass processors or window manufacturers. When the film is applied by an IGU manufacturer the window manufacturer receives filmed IGU and supplies filmed windows. This represents a huge advantage in that glass remains intact during the whole process of fabrication.

As with all Walco laminators, each VX2 system is tailored to our client's actual operational and safety requirements. Through back and forth exchanges full system requirements are generated, allowing our clients' teams to fully review the VX2 specifications prior to fabrication–no surprises on delivery.

Novcel glass protective films

The VX2 saves time and offers end users clean window installation

When Novcel glass protective films are applied by the VX2 to IGU’s they are protected from common construction issues such as:

  • Cement spots
  • Paint Spots
  • Silicone Adhesive marks
  • Grinding sparks

This unique protective film applicator allows contractors to save much needed time and install clean glass windows every time. With 12 months outdoor life, Novacel’s Forglass range glass film is especially designed to protect IGU’s during transport and handling.

How does Walco’s VX2 vertical laminator work?

Fully automated, Walco’s VX2 uses the latest Walco® patented technologies to laminate both sides simultaneously with a 35 second cycle time. With an automatic film size adjustment, this safe and ergonomic glass laminating machine is a real time saver.

The IGU edges remain margin free of protective films, allowing window manufacturers to set up the window frame without removing the film.

Watch th VX2 in action.

VX2 Protective Film Laminator Specifications for Industrial Glass Units

Walco ® patented automated cutting system accommodates IGU’s ranging in minimum thickness from 0.16” all the way up to 3.1” (4 mm to 80 mm).

The VX2 allows for IGU heights from 7.9” to 9’.10” (200 mm to 3000 mm). Height parameters may be customized.

Minimum lengths are 20” (500mm) with maximum lengths depending on conveyer size.

Clearly, Walco’s VX2 laminator is the best option for IGU’s. When combined with Novacel range glass film, you have a winning combo.

Contact us today to see how the VX2 can help you with your application.