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Industry Leaders with Sheet Metal Laminators and Protective Film Laminators used for Glass, Metals, Plastic, and Wood

Anyone in distribution understands the importance of protecting surfaces from scratches, and damage. Customers who receive glass, acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other priority sheet metals demand a defect free surface or the resulting sheets are returned and dollars, plus your reputation are lost. Plastic and wood surfaces often require film coatings to protect the surface, as well.

Walco understands the importance of the surface protection operations and has been the industry standard for the glass, sheet metal, wood and plastic laminating systems, and protective tape & film lamination machines for many years.

Legendary Walco safety features are built into each and every Walco machine, including E-Stop, Emergency Stop nip cable pulls, clear mechanical nip guarding and OSHA Orange mechanical drives guarding. Additional safety options available include: Emergency Nip Opening air cylinders, light curtains, guard electrical interlocks, explosion proof electrical, remote alarm monitoring, light stands and audible alarms–all to keep your Operations safe.

Walco offers many options to tailor any of our overlay applicators and laminators for various protective tape & film application operation requirements.

Walco’s full range of applicators/laminators are offered with a full range of optional accessories including: single point nip gap adjustment, variable speed control, air brakes, additional unwind stations, rewind stations, mechanical core locks, air shafts, In feed and Outfeed conveyors, casters, unique pass through heights, and much, much more.

Our design and engineering teams work with you from design to manufacturing to ensure a custom tailored laminator that meets your specific requirements.

protective film lamination equipment

Three (3) distinct, powered, Protective Tape & Film Applicators/Laminators are built by Walco and designed around your specific tape or film application/lamination widths and frequency of operation.

1. i-WALCO™ Model 82-C-1M Overlay Laminator

The world’s most popular overlay applicator / laminator model we build. This powered, medium duty, robust protective film applicator is designed for sheet fed operation, top, bottom or both applications and available in widths up to 62" (152 cm).
Please click on any of the brief 1 minute links listed below to watch a Walco 82C1M medium duty laminator in action. The video demonstratse how easy it is to laminate smoothly, quickly and economically.

805 film overlay laminator

2. WALCO Model 805 Wide Film Overlay Laminator

A heavy duty version of the world’s most popular protective tape & film applicator: the Walco model 82-C-1M. Walco’s heavy-duty Model 805 Wide Film Overlay Laminator is designed for sheet fed operation, top, bottom or both applications and is available in application widths up to 88.0” (223.5 cm) . It includes heavy wall, welded tubular steel frame construction and heavy-duty, no deflection rolls.

805 film overlay laminator

3. Walco Model 810 Wide Film Overlay Laminator

Extra-heavy duty, overlay laminator. Widths on this protective film applicator range from 52.0"-132.0" (335.28 cm). Walco’s extra-heavy duty Model 810 Wide Film Overlay Laminator is designed for sheet fed operation, top, bottom or both applications. It includes heavy wall, welded tubular steel frame construction and heavy-duty, no deflection rolls.

As with all Walco overlay laminators, Walco will tailor your new Model 810 applicator to meet your exact protective overlay tape or film application requirements. Detailed specification sheets and photos of the Model 810 Wide Film Overlay Laminator are available on request.

walco overlay laminator

Any of Walco’s overlay applicators/laminators can also be configured as “In-Line Laminators.” This process is very easily accomplished, and will match your existing line’s feed rates exactly.

Walco protective tape and film laminators apply virtually any overlay material to clean, dry and flat sheet substrates with minimum set-up time. Sheet-to-sheet lamination is easy. Precision roll opening adjustment allows laminating to soft substrates as well as rigid. Foot pedal operation is standard.

With such a wide range of protective tape & film application options available, it’s easy to see why Walco’s line of overlay laminators are the industry leaders.

Contact Walco today for the utmost in flat product protection.

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