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WALCO, Inc. Safety

Walco gets it. It is all about safety. All people in the plant go home with no injuries - each and every shift.

Walco designs every machine and system with our SAFETY statement up front.

The following safety equipment, safety protection and emergency safety devices are included on all Walco, Inc. or systems.

  • Emergency Stop button(s)
  • Emergency Safety Pull cables
  • Clear safety guarding on all Nip entry, exit and top access points
  • OSHA Orange metal motor and rotating mechanical safety guarding, with clear fronts for operational and maintenance viewing without removing guarding.
  • Main incoming electrical and pneumatic power safety lock-out stations
  • Safety warning and operational placards, stickers and postings.
  • Lock Out, Tag out and Test Out safety placard
  • Operational and Safety Manuals

If required, additional safety items added include:

  • Electro/mechanical guard safety lock-out switches.
  • Automatic emergency safety nip opening - with cable pull, buttons, light curtains.
  • Remote Emergency stop cables
  • Additional E-Stop buttons and Remote Alarm outputs to your own PLC / Operator Control systems.

All E-Stop activations:

  • Stop the drive motors
  • Stop the nip(s) from turning,

Optional additional E-Stop activations may be used to automatically open the nip(s), killing power to the

  • heaters, static bar
  • automatic edge guiding
  • automatic load sensing
  • HOT Wire cut offs
  • others as designed

Contact Walco or Request a Quote today: Walco works hand-in-hand with your team to design and quote your machine or system to ensure you have all the safety features your team requires.

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