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Reverse Roll Coating Equipment
Walco 609RS and 610 DRS Spandrel Glass Coaters

The Walco 609RS Spandrel Reverse Roll Coaters economically and consistently applies smooth “spandrel” coatings to architectural glass. Also known as a as a spandrel glass roller coater, the Walco 609RS is sometimes called a glass coater, a glass paint applicator, a roll coater for glass, a glass painter, or a glass paint coater. This is the ideal reverse roll coating system for applying the following architectural glass coatings:

  • OPACI-COAT™ 300 Silicone Glass Coating
  • Ceramic frit enamel

Safety is built into every Walco Spandrel Glass Reverse Roll Coating Equipment. Hinged in and outfeed nip guards are interlocked to the main motor drive. Trip the hinged guard? The motor immediately stops. Electrically interlocked upper roll guards disable the main drive motor if opened while operating.

All Walco Roll coating equipment is custom tailored to customer requirements. Design considerations include specifying length, width, thickness, speed, temperature, pressure, materials, weight of coating, and/or finish. Walco design and engineering teams work with customer teams from start to finish to ensure each unit meets the client operational and safety requirements. No Surprises!

Reverse Roll Coater

The Walco 609RS Reverse Roll Coater is designed to provide the user with:

  • Ease of operation and very easy cleanup. The Walco 609RS is on pedestals, creating a much easier washdown.
  • Quick roll change out. Powered conveyors have capability down to 8’” x 8’’ glass light samples.
  • Ability to shear (fine tune coating). Individual drives are located on the top and bottom roll, speeding up or slowing the top roll shears the coating accurately.
  • Ultimate in and outfeed conveyors x 10.0 feet long: speed is matched to the Coater drive, synchronized exactly.
  • Easy clean up with small (0.5” diameter) individual belts vs. large width conveyor. Round belts make for a much easier cleanup.
  • Built to work effeciently with all glass products including: insulating glass, laminated glass, architectural glass, tempered glass in standard colors or with custom color
  • In and outfeed conveyors that are mechanically connected to lower drive roll horizontal adjustment–keeping “flop” to a minimum.
  • Ability to explosion proof if needed.
  • Variable frequency drives for speed control (on standard machines)

Walco 609RS Reverse Roll Coaters are available standard widths of 76”, 86” and 104”. Contact us for complete equipment specifications.

Improve your bottom line with Walco’s 610DRS Glass Coater

Walco’s 610DRS series of Roll Coaters  uses just one (1) machine for BOTH Direct and Indirect (Reverse Roll) Coating. Heavy-duty spandrel glass (Indirect), decorative coating capability of 8 - 15 mil and Direct etch inks coating (down to 1.0 mil) WITHOUT changing rolls. Direct coating of paint, adhesives, enamels, oils, liquids, inks epoxies, photosensitive liquids. Indirect (Reverse) ceramic frit and Opaci-Coat™.

Walco’s 610DRS series includes:

  • The needed 10’ (3m) in and outfeed
  • Powered belted conveyors
  • Variable speed control
  • Many safety interlocks
  • Hinged roll guards
  • E-Stops on both sides of the machine
  • Optional PLC / HMI touch screen controls

Walco 610DRS Glass Coater is available in standard widths of 60” (152CM), 72”(183 CM), 84" (213CM), and 104” (264CM).

Safety is built into every Walco machine. Contact us for complete equipment specifications.

glass paint applicator

For Reverse Roll Coating Equipment for virtually any liquid to glass, two standard Walco coaters are available:

The 60 series is a medium duty, industrial direct roll coater available with dozens of upgrades and options to meet your exact coating requirements.

The 67 series Coaters are heavy duty models with larger rolls and other components for higher production rates.

The roll opening is adjustable take any thickness of stock from .001" to 1.5" (Special wide opening coaters are available).

If you are unable to get replacement parts from another Reverse Roll Coater manufacturer, Walco, Inc. is able to support you by reverse engineering your existing part.

Contact Walco, Inc. today. We’re sure to have a solution for all your spandrel glass coating needs.

Safety is built into every Walco machine. Optional PLC / HMI touch screen controls. Walco 610DRS "Killer" Coater is available in standard widths of 60” (152CM), 72”(183 CM), 84" (213CM), and 104” (264CM). Contact us for complete equipment specifications.

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